Monday, October 15, 2007

A Week Out of Ordinary!

I’ve just finished this week’s translation load. The past couple of days, Bibi Huryeh, my black MacBook, was very patient with me. I dropped her almost two times and its battery ran out once, but she like a real Bibi – lady – stood by me. Overall I had such a week that I am glad is passed. Oh! the weather is getting dreadfully cold in Princeton.

New Flavor:
On Friday night I saw Michael Clayton (2007) directed by Tony Gilroy. I guess this is a film not liked by many, but certainly a sort of film that I like. A story everyone has heard, perhaps many times, but this time it is told in such a way as if you hear it for the first time. A divorced, gamble-holic, broke and experienced attorney, Michael Clayton who works in the gigantic law firm as a fixer, gets involved in a 6 years old class action suit that breaks into his daily routine. This multi-million dollar case forces Clayton to reconsider every professional decision he has ever made. Over the course of the movie, which only covers 5 days of Clayton’s messy life, Gorge Clooney (Clayton) portrays such a believable character that his powerful Clooney-ego melts away. This is a Clooney you have never seen; He is Michael Clayton. Gilroy correctly chooses a slow paste for the film. The movie's many close-ups and the characters’ voice-overs fit into the narration brilliantly. It is an A+ movie. See it and experience a new flavor.

Also here is a very unique and neat photo-blog by Nicole Chenell. I had the chance to spend a small portion of this summer exploring Tuscany along with Nichole. After three months, now, when I look at her photos, once more I feel the warmth and tenderness that Tuscany offers its visitors.

To Be, Fountain Paint Pot, August 2007
An amazing sight in Yellowstone National park


jeerjeerak said...

I wanted to go and see this movie on Saturday, but instead i settled for watching Pan's at a friends house, which tuned out to be good movie and good company.
Next weekend is gonna be a Michael Clayton weekend!

Tameshk said...

Dear Jeerjeerak

I think you will enjoy watching Michael Clayton. Let me know what you think of it after you see it.

Anonymous said...

ajab axe jalibi gerftin in paraneye tuye ax kalaghe dige?

Tameshk said...

Dear Anonymous

Thanks for your comment. No I think it is a kind of Lark. It was much smaller than a Crow. We call it sar in Farsi I guess.
ممنون ! کلاغ که نیست ولی فکر کنم سار
باشه. کلی پدرم درامد تا یه جا ثابت نشستند ایشون !

ا. ش said...

این تصویر خیلی زیباست. من را به فکر وا می دارد و به یاد یکی از نقاشی های مونه می افتم:
Magpie 1868-69‎
چرا عنوان آن را "بودن" انتخاب کردید؟

Tameshk said...

Dear A.Sh.

I am thrilled if I remind you of Monet's Magpie (1869). I actually was thinking more about Van Gough's Wheat-feild with the Lark, 1888.

And Why To Be? I don't really know. At first when I got to the sight I thought of death due to the ambiance surrounding that area. and yet there it was; a little black bird: Life. So I wanted to name the photo Life & Death but then I changed it to "To Be": I thought it carries them both and concurrently it pushes the viewer to think of "Not To Be" of course Thanks to Hamlet.

ا. ش said...

برای من جالب است که بودن را در زمینه‌ای از نیستی و هستی دیده‌ای تمشک عزیز.‏
در دیدگاه ما، بودن مفهومی‌ست که زمانمند و زمانپذیر نیست؛ همواره چیزی هست که از پیش بوده و به بودنش ‏ادامه خواهد داد، برای هر کسی و هر چیزی در این عالم. این خاطره و معنی حضور شما از پیش جایی در این ‏عالم وجود داشته و البته پس از این هم همواره جایی وجود خواهد داشت.‏
به هر حال نگاه پشت این عکس یک نگاه محتوایی‌ست که من آن را تقدیر می‌کنم.‏
موفق باشید.‏