Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sleepless in Santa Barbara!

My paper cup only contains hot water. I just put it down on the nightstand. It’s past midnight. I have used my hot-water cup more as a hand warmer than a drink tonight. I am cold; but no matter how cold I am, I can’t escape my cup's comment:

The Way I See It #284

"You can’t lead the people, if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people."

After reading these lines I looked at the author’s name and suddenly I missed my room in Nassau Street. The author was Cornel West from Princeton University. Oh, I can easily hear crickets' chirping; as if I need more signs to know that I am one of a few sleepless creatures in Santa Barbara.

Owens Rose Garden in Eugene, OR, September 2007


Maryam said...

Nice qoute!:)

I watched the movie "the sea inside" as you recommended it. It was very nice, but very sad.
(It would be great if you can make a section in your blog about the movies).

Tameshk said...

Dear Maryam

Thanks for your comment. The Sea Inside is a sad movie, but a hopeful one too.

I like your suggestion about the Movie Section. I thought about it before, but then I felt I don't watch that much movies to give a separate section out to them. You made me reconsider it.

jeerjeerak said...

Tameshk jan, stay put in Cali, i want to see you:)
What are you up to this coming Friday? i'll be in SF.

Siavash said...

brilliant thoughts!
I particularly enjoyed this one:
If you can’t visualize it, don’t build it.
-- Constance Adams
Space architect and National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

Tameshk said...

My Dearest Jeerjeerak

I love to see you too. I will email you my cell-number so we can do something on Friday. I am not back in Berkeley yet; tomorrow I will be there.

Dear Siavash

Thanks for the nice quote by Adams; Oh I definitely agree with him: one should be able to visualize in order to build. I even go further than that and I think it is not only when you want to build something but also when you want to wish something or dream it or one day achieve it, first you should be able to envision it.

Siavash said...

Dear Roja,
Thanks for your note; I was also thinking of generating another one out of this. With respect to the pragmatism conspicuously reflected in the thought, I am going to say:
If you can't visualize it, don't blind it- to say the least.
--by me!
I guess we're on the same boat, aren't we?