Thursday, October 04, 2007

He Called Me "Janeh Janan"

He called me once, many years ago:

“Janeh Janan”!

I don’t know when it was exactly,
Maybe it was when I could see my own reflection in his hazel eyes.
Or perhaps, it was when I cloud hear his loving voice with no one in between.

I don’t remember when it was exactly,
That he called me “Janeh Janan”
Surly it was when he was younger and
I a child.
It was then that he called me:

“Janeh Janan”!

And he read to me Molana’s story; A story none like it
It was then that his profound voice trembled
It was then that I saw him, as if for the first time;
A man,
A man
With strong bones, stronger will and fiery eyes.

It was so far and yet so near. I saw him as if for the first time;
A man locked away from his wishes, struggling not to forget them.


I don’t remember when it was, Still his roar is with me:

“Hearken to the reed flute, how it complains, lamenting its banishment from its home”

I don’t remember when it was exactly!
He called me:
“Janeh Janan”!

* Inspired by Nazy's invitation as an "uplifting exercise".
* I have shamelessly used the 800th birth anniversary of Molana (Rumi) just to recall the color of his eyes.


Nazy said...

Ah, beautiful! What a wonderful poem you wrote Tameshk Jan! Amazing my sensitive friend. Thank you.

leva said...

It is wonderful Roja. I loved it, and I read that for someone too. I am going to save it on my desktop.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Nazy and Lovely Leva:
"Janeh Janan e Man", I am flattered by your joyous comments; You are very generous with me!

Mehran said...

my godness, best post ever

jeerjeerak said...


Oh such beautiful poem, my heart beats faster even now that i'm scribbling here... You have such 'goodness' and and i haven't discovered you before, what a shame.

You cooking blog is amazing too. I used to cook quite a lot some while ago but somehow in the midst of a new raid of 'healthy' cooking i lost my touch:)

happy to have known you, Tameshk jan:)

Tameshk said...

Dearest Jeerjeerak

Thanks for your encouraging comment. I would love to taste those healthy dishes you cook. I am sure they are great.

And Dear Mehran

I am glad you like it.

Mehran said...

yeah, my comment was before jeerjeerak,respectful way tells i gotta get reposnd first ;-)~

ا. ش said...

همه دنیا من اندر خواب دیدم
همه ذرات در غرقاب دیدم
بدیدم هر دو عالم در درونم
نمودم روی در جان رهنمونم
حقیقت جان ِ جان را باز دیدم
به خواب از وی تمامت راز دیدم
همه من بودم و من بی خبر زان
حقیقت بود من جز جان ِ جانان

Tameshk said...

Dear Mehran

Please forgive me for my ignorance ;) "Ladies First" was on my thought when I responded. And Thanks again for your comment!

Dear A. Sh.
Thanks for this engaging Poem. I have recently started to read some of Attar's Poetry.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! welcome to the mutual admiration society. seriously do you get any REAL comments anymore from REAL people? i enjoy reading your posts from time to time and following you around on your adventures... but these "ghorboon sadeghat beram" and "you are so amazing" comments i can do without. And will. don't let any of it get to your head. a real friend tells it like it is!

O BTW, loved your minikabobs and rice... they were just amazing... you are so amazing... i am just speechless. where's the somagh of life!

Tameshk said...

Dear Anonymous & My Dear Friend

Thanks for your comment.

I really appreciate the honesty upon which you wrote. I believe as long as people who leave their comments here and you among them POKE TAMESHK, either with what you labeled as their Admiration Comments or with their REAL ones, Tameshk will get its share from the Sumac of Life.

Soodabe said...

Janeh Janan, Roja Jan

somehow I agree with this dear anonymous, about what he/she call "mutual admiration society", it's true ...

but I really loved this poem, It's deep affection & it's charming rhythm

Janeh Janan, Roja Jan

Tameshk said...

Soodi joonam

I am glad you've enjoyed the poem. I appreciate every single comment I get here, in Tameshk, especially if they are challenging my ideas and criticizing my views and works.