Saturday, September 29, 2007

Font of the Week!

Kite Runner The Movie:

It is not a surprise to hear about Kite Runner’s movie, a well-written novel by Khaled Hosseini, now a movie directed by Marc Forster; an expected destiny for any engaging novel. What surprised me - a very exciting surprise I should admit - was seeing Homayon Ershadi playing Baba’s character on the movie.

Ershadi is an Iranian actor known for his strong performance on Taste of Cherry (Ta’me Guilass-1997) directed by Abbas Kiarostami. Educated as an Architect in Europe, Ershadi started his acting career in 1997. Now I have a stronger will to see Kite Runner this November.

Marc Forster has also directed Stranger Than Fiction, Finding Neverland and Monster's Ball.

Check MOMA's Exhibitions:

50 Years of Helvetica on MOMA. We know Helvetica more than we think; perhaps it is fare to say we have seen Helvetica more than our own reflection in the mirror. For decades Helvetica has educated, informed and led us into the third millennium. Designed by Max Miendinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957, Helvetica ruled the world as the most used sans-serif font. This is the first typeface purchased for MOMA’s Collection and this exhibition presents the graphic materials that have been produced using the genuine design of Helvetica. The exhibition was up all spring and summer and it will go through March 2008.

Interested in motion picture or animation? If yes, MOMA’s Panoramas of the Moving Image: from Nineteenth-Century Magic Lantern Shows is the exhibition to see.

Last but not at all least is the upcoming exhibition of Georges Seurat: The Drawings. My interest in Seurat’s drawings is about two years old now. I have learned to appreciate drawing as an art medium through Seurat’s sketches. This is one of the largest exhibitions in the past two decades that centers utterly on Seurat’s drawings. The exhibition will be open at the end of October.

To whom it may concern:

Khavar Sultan is back as healthy as an old truck like her can be. Although the reunion with Khavar Sultan is priceless the repair was costly. We drove, today to Washington Rd. to retune two of our borrowed movies to LRC: Naked Lunch (1991) directed by Cronenberg and L' Année dernière à Marienbad, (Last Year at Marienbad) Alain Resnais’ movie of 1961.

* The font used for this post is Arial, since I did not have Hervetica font on my blogger font-box,: Arial is the closest typeface to Helvetica designed on 1982.

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Nazy said...

Thanks Tameshk Jan for the heads up on the Kite Runner. I'll be sure o go see it.

When I was young and was learning how to type, Helvetica was the main font we used. You know back then, IBM typewriters had font balls inserted in them and in order to change the font, you would have to change the ball from Helvetica to Courier, for example. Isn't it funny that things used in my lifetime now quite literally belong to a museum?

I'm glad your car is back. My car is back, too, and I'm glad. I miss you Tameshk. Someone left a yello suade jacket at my house on Sunday. Does Hossein have such a jacket? Nobody has looked for it so far! Take care Tameshk Jan.