Wednesday, September 19, 2007

By Bike

This is for Baloot as an update on Khavar Sultan:

Today I biked to school. This is what I should do from now on since my poor baby, Khavar Sultan (Sultan of East), does not feel good. She is waiting her turn in the repair shop. Her full name is Khavar Sultan Sultne Jaaddeh Ha (Sultan of All Roads). I think you got the idea that she is a vehicle of kind but she is not like any vehicle: She is a Tameshkish (reddish) 87-Nissan pick up truck; has 4 new tires and a happy face. At least her face was happy up to a month ago when she suddenly got sick. The other day, when I went to check up on her, she was sitting majestically next to a Nissan SUV waiting for me to get her home. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her she should wait some more. I left quietly.

I chose a mildly sloped track today. There were two traffic lights on the way. I catch them both on red so it took me about 17 minutes to bike to Marquand library. Also, today I figured out that it is one thing to bike to school and entirely another matter to be able to work afterwards. Optimistically I assume if biking to school becomes my routine I will be able to have some work done.

Khavar Sultan Sultan-e-Jaaddeh-Ha, Fall 2006


Leva said...

My dear Roja,
It is good to see her picture. I hope you keep your biking schedule during snow season too.
I talked to Yahya last weekend. I feel he is getting older too. He is still a good guy and I will beg him to stay with me at least five more years.
Roja joon,
Are you finally coming to the event this weekend? I want to call you, but I know you are in school and I don’t want to bother you. Let me know what the best time to call you is.

Can not wait to talk to you.

Mehran said...

bale dige, leva tu va leva dige jaiie braye ma nist dige, yek ba tu tahvil nagiri maro ha

Tameshk said...

My Dearest Leva
Thanks for your lovely comment. Khavar Sultan is not doing good at all. I don't think I can make it this weekend for Iranians on Internet Seminar,but I am looking forward to read about it on your blog.

Please send my regards to Yahya Joon. I am sure he don't want to be with anyone but you for the next 5 years.

Dear Mehran
I am honored to have your comment on Tameshk.
Wish me luck with Khavar Sultan!

Nazy said...

I will miss you at the gathering, beatiful Tameshk. I had my heart set on seeing you again my friend. If we do well, perhaps we can turn this into an annual event and you can come next year. Please tell Hossein not to forget dinner Sunday night.