Monday, September 24, 2007

Rope vs. Vertigo

Iranians on Internet:

I am still busy with Khavar Sultan; I couldn’t study for my exams in the past couple of days. This is a past due matter. Please accept my apologies for the delay regarding Iranians on Internet: A seminar for Iranian beloggers. Please read about it on: From Berkeley, Ala Hazrat Haj Agha and

Now some up-to-date matters:

Last night I caught the last screening of the day for Eastern Promises (2007) directed by David Cronenberg. A movie about Russian Mob in London: like A History of Violence (2005) a straightforward story, great performances and plainly smart decoupage made it an easy-to-follow movie. However the exaggerated violence of the bathhouse sequence didn’t suit my eyes I enjoyed Eastern Promises. Particularly the first sequence – the murder in the barbershop - reminded me of a short story I read a while a go where a barber kills a Nazi Officer in his shop. I don’t recall the name of the story but it was a great short story.

On Saturday escaping form Princeton’s arrogance I went out of town to have Portuguese food with some friends. It was so great that it made me miss our lovely Portuguese friends André and Filipa. Though I am not sure if it was only the food that reminded me of them. More probably it was the heated debate I had about two of Hitchcock’s movies Rope (1948) and Vertigo (1958) that made me miss them. I have had the same discussion with André before. Simply I like Rope better than Vertigo and they don’t. Today I watched Rope again, maybe after 8 years. This time Rope didn’t seem as eye-catching as I wanted it to be. Why? I don’t know. To find out I am about to see Vertigo once more.


Nazy said...

Tameshk Joonam. We missed you so very much my friend. We did see Hossein this weekend and tried to look after him as best as we could, but he might be looking a little lost without you! Have you seen the photos?

Mehran said...

jat khali bod tameshk jan. vali namazi yek kam jato por kard faghat yek kam, khayli pesare goli hast mesle khodet

Tameshk said...

My lovely Nazy

Thanks a lot for everything. Sorry that I wasn't there to help you. I heard the party was amazing. The photos are great.

Dearest Mehran
By the way I think your bleary picture is very smart. don't think twice about it. I liked it.