Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 97th CAA Conference in LA

In Los Angeles for the CAA 2009 annual conference:

Yesterday at CAA conference: I enjoyed panels on Surrealism, photography and Islamic Arts: Surrealism au Naturel (part I), Seeing and/or Believing the Photography, The Erotic and Sensuous in Islamic Art.

Today so far I went to Kitsch in the 1960’s and I really enjoyed the Society of Contemporary Art Historian session on What is Contemporary Art History? The session magnified issues concerning the contemporary art history; the room was packed. Variety of brilliant ideas were presented and interesting questions were raised, which I admit all were necessary. But it seems to me that the panelists did not construct any subtle proposal (no one expected any solution of course) for the further direction that one may get about the issues concerning the Contemporary Art History. The panel was more of a tête-à-tête among art historians who seemed all to be in agreement about the ongoing issues of contemporary art history. I enjoyed it because it gave me a lot to think of.

To follow the 97th CAA annual conference; check the official CAA 2009 Conference Blog here.

Just finished my green tea latte in the blizzard of people wondering around the corridors before the afternoon sessions begin. Related and unrelated to this last panel is my paper cup that quotes Chef, Marcus Samuelsson, “Taste is Subjective. Taste is democratic. Taste is powerful. […]” (The Way I See It # 270)


آدم گلابی said...

good for you to go to CAA. The Erotic and Sensuous in Islamic Art seems very interesting. maybe sometime you can write about it here.

green tea latte sounds something to try!

I loved the quote from MArcus Samuelsson. Taste is indeed subjective.

Tameshk said...

Adam Golabi Joonam
Thanks; that was an interesting session.
I really recommend the Green Tea Latte.