Friday, February 13, 2009

Enjoyable Crowded Days!

Busy weeks, sleepless nights and rushed mornings is a typical description of my life but in the past two weeks something is different: I am similarly busy, sleepless and rushed, but I am less nervous, more excited, less guarded and more productive. I enjoy my busy, rushed and sleepless days and I think I have learned not to be nervous about them.

I finally got my Texas driving license; Texas had a new regulation since October 1st 2008; no Driving license or state’s identification card will be issued to the international residents (aliens) whose I-94 card has less than 6month of validity. The thing is that most other states, if not all others, accept the receipt of the application for a new I-94 card and consider it as an evidence of the legal status of the applicant. At any rate it was a nightmare and it is gone now! But not really, it is not gone! The fact of the matter is that it is not my nightmare any more. If you live in Texas and you are an alien resident and you don’t want it to become your nightmare in future: Contact the international office of your school, institute or company, reflect your concerns in writing and ask them to reflect it to their supervising seniors. Your critique will eventually find its way up to the ears of the lawmakers. You can also contact your local representative in the House, even if you are not a US citizen; they listen and many times they tend to change things for better.

Listening to music is a task for me; by this I mean, usually I don’t enjoy background music. But I guess working in coffee shops has changed me in this way. Now I can tolerate background music of my choice. A year or so ago, Kia (not the car) told me about a free online music radio, Musicovery, which I use a lot these days. Musicovery plays music depending on your mood: you can choose your music style and your mood (Dark, Calm, Positive, Energetic)! If you already are a Musicovery user, I like to know what you think of it. If you just heard about it please check it out and let me know what you think. I think they have a cool and easy to use website and a good collection, which still has some room for improvement. I listen to lots of Country music there!

At last,
A late Happy Darwin's day! An early Happy Valentine’s Day! And as some people celebrate it; Happy Singles Awareness Day!

I am enjoying my crowded days; Enjoy yours!


Anonymous said...

tameshk jan, I didn't understand about I-94 expiration. If you have a valid visa (e.g. F-1) your I-94 is valid until you leave the country. So I think It was the matter of having valid Visa more than 6 month, yeah?

Anonymous said...

BTW, I just checked out the musicovery. I love it. I like the way they categoize their music and you just can choose and listen

Tameshk said...

Anonymous Jan

I think you meant Valid Status instead of Valid Visa! And Your I-94's expiration doesn't have anything to do with you leaving the country, it has to do with the duration that your Status is valid (which usually follows the duration of your school or employment)

Our Once Entrance visa's (F1, H1,... and their dependents) expires the minuet you enter the country. The Visa is your entrance permission and it does not indicate the period you are legally allowed to stay in the country. Your duration of stay depending on your Status (work, study, visitor, which is both shown in your visa and your I-94) will be shown on I-49.

If one apply for the change of status, job or employer before the expiration date on his/her I-94 (which is usually the expires at the date that one's employment will end), the person is considered in a legal Status until the result of the I-94 petition is back (whether negative or positive)! during this time the receipt of your application for a new I-94 is an evidence of your legal status.

Tameshk said...

Anonymous Jan,
Musicovery gives you cool information on the music you are hearing! I like that very much. By the way thanks for your comments!

H. said...

Despite all my admiration for Kia, I prefer Pandora. They have a bigger collection, and you can create your own station using an artist or song or genera that you like.

مسعود said...

سلام دوست هنرمند من
مواظب باش توی این شلوغی شست پات تو چشمت نره!.می شه خواهش کنیم فاصله بین خطوط رو در متن کمی اضافه کنی؟ مثل ستون سمت چپ؟ اگه بشه چی میشه! راستی چه مناسبت هایی در تقویم اونجا هست!.خیلی جالبه.حالا روز والنتاین رو شنیده بودم ولی اون یکی ها رو نه.
هر روزتان بهتر از دیروز

Tameshk said...

Dear H.
Well I like Musicovery better because I don't need to plan a list for it; It plays like radio based on my mood.

Dear Masoud
I will try to that, thanks for your feedback; I Have to ask a friend and see how I can change the line spacing here!

Hossein Maserrat said...

Believe it or not I was dreaming about such a music radio a couple weeks ago, and I agree, music radio is different from your own play list, sometimes it would give you a sort of unplanned pleasure which is very exciting.

Thanks for Musicovery :)