Sunday, February 01, 2009

Golden Illusions!

When I first knocked* at the door
When you first looked at me

I looked into many poems to find the right one
The one that could tell the tale of
That first knock,
That first look ,

A poem that is easy on eyes
Warm on lips
Simple to ears

And yet the one that can spell out
The shaking hands, the jumping blood, the rounded pupil,

A poem that rhymes with my frightened heart when I first knocked
A poem that laughs at me: oy, oy, I thought of that knock for so long!
A poem that could tell me now and back then, that
The eyes I thought to be unique, were in fact a visionary trick!
That I was nearsighted
you were far and so unlighted

I am tired of looking for the right poem,
Hoping for such verses makes me dizzy,

I hoped for it for so long and so hard that I even know its shape
I know the words that make it
I can even say the poet’s name!

It should be short, shorter than Haiku, perhaps with only seven words;

It should be something hard,
That only rhymes in the mind;
It should be something old
That says
Your alchemy turned my illusions to gold!

Alman Çeşmesi (German Fountain), Details,
Istanbul, Turkey, Summer 2005

*Thanks for the correction Masoud Jan!


Behi said...

Woow! That was fantastic, I felt a personal connection with this beautiful poem, so close to what I feel sometimes, so close!

Thanks Roja joon :)

Siavash said...

What I like about your poems is that it brings images to your mind, let you make them your own. Also, I like the details as tiny personal joys, fears, doubts...

مسعود said...

سلام دوست هنرمند من
بسیار ساده و پراحساس بود.من انگلیسی ندان هم بخوبی فهمیدم.اولین فعل در مصراع اول را به صیغه گذشته بیاور.این هم چیزک ناقابلی است که بیادم آمد:
من اگر می دانستم
چه بهایی دارد
تنهایی بعد از همراهی
پابر میشدم از آن کوچه
تو اگر می دانستی
چه شنیدن دارد
آیه مهر و صفا
از لب باد صبا
و چه دیدن دارد
که گشایی لت آن پنجره
با تقه دل
و نگاهی بکنی
پر خنده
اما چه دروغی ست
که من می گویم!
می دانستم چه بهایی دارد
خوانده بودم اینرا بر دیوار
ای که از کوچه معشوقه ما می گذری
با خبر باش که سر می شکند دیوارش
و تو اما چه؟
می دانستی؟
که چنین رفت به باد
همه آیین وفا؟
یا که دادی به سلیمان بهار
کو ببارد جایی
و نیارد بر ما؟

Tameshk said...

Behi Jan
Thanks; I am flattered by your comment!

Siavash Jan
Thanks: Well my doubts sometimes become joyful and sometimes scary!

Masoud Jan
Thanks a lot for the correction and for the piece you call "Chizak" :D and It is not "Na-Ghabel" at all!