Sunday, March 08, 2009

Let your Lungs be your Guide!

To get to her,
Let your lungs be your guide,

To find her you should know Attar-y *
To understand Attar-y is to understand a culture,
A culture that she was born, raised and died in.

She sat in her shop,
On a small wooden chair,
Surrounded by
Lines of spice containers, rows of perfume bottles, and barrels of herbal arrack!

Her Attar-y was a small narrow room in the basement of a busy street,
Eyes wouldn’t notice the presence of her shop,
But by your lungs you couldn't see anything else on that busy street, but her shop!

There was no escape, once you were there;
The small windows of the basement would grew so big into your lungs,
That no curtain could hide her existence.

Her gravestone is a gray blank sheet of stone,
No inscription; none was needed,

Here again your lungs can guide you
If you stop by that cemetery
The one filled with walnut trees, the one with rocky grounds

Just take a deep breath
So, when the soil she is in take your breath away,
You have something to go on with.

If you happen to pass by that busy street,
If you happen to walk into another dimension of space, time and scent,
If you happen to know her,
Your lungs will never escape her again!

*Attar-y or perfume shop is where you can find perfumes, essential oils, herbal medicine and old remedies!

**Happy March 8th; Happy Women's Day!


مسعود said...

سلام دوست هنرمند من
این روز بر شما و همه دوستان و خوانندگان شما و همه زنان هرکجا که هستند و هر کار که می کنند گرامی باد.سلام دارم خدمت همسر بزرگوارتان.ان شاءالله کم نگذارد!شاد باشید.از حالا نوروز را هم شادباش میگویم.شاید این چند روز چیزی ننوشتی!ما کار خودمان را می کنیم

Tameshk said...

Masoud Jan
Thanks and Happy Nowruz!