Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is here!

Went to Denver for a couple of days; had little time to study.

Spring Cleaning:
I have been struggling with the regular cleaning since September. And more to my shame I had not enough time to finish this year’s Spring Cleaning properly. The question of having a cleaning person is an old and unanswered question in my book; a debate that finally had a winner side when I saw a tempting housekeeping flyer in our apartment building lobby; So hopefully on the first day of spring and the first day of the year 1388 in Persian Calendar I will have a proper cleaning.

Fernand Léger: Cleaning, Art & Unemployment:
In 1937 Léger proposed to the City of Paris to employ the 300,000 unemployed in Paris by giving them the job of cleaning the walls of every building in Paris; so Paris will be all white during the day. Based on Léger’s proposal during the night Paris would be covered with colored light; the white walls would work as screens for projection. Although Leger’s proposal was rejected back then, three decades later Paris was bleached out white.

I am working on Fernand Léger’s work during 40’s and 50’s for one of my papers this semester. Most Léger scholars and commentators seem to be interested in Leger’s proposal of cleaning Paris walls, connecting it to Léger’s core interest in Architecture and painting and his ideals of public art.

Traveling & Spring Break:
I am still in Denver airport due to flight complications. I would never travel during the spring break again. Never Ever!

The Builders, Fernand Léger, 1950


Happy Nowruz & Happy Spring to all who celebrate Spring!

PS. President Obama sends a Nowruz message to all who celebrate Nowruz: a message of New Beginnings. See the Video Message here! Isn't he a great president !

*Thanks to Roya for sharing this link on her Twitter.


alireza shirneshan said...

roja va hossein aziz sale no mobarak. mokhlesim.

Nava said...

Dear Tameshk,
I wish you a great year filled with health, joy and prosperity.
Happy Norooz.

Daisy said...

Happy Nowruz Tameshk jan.

Behi said...

Happy new year Roja joon, wish you a very happy year :)

مسعود said...

این اقدام در آن سالهای بحران اقتصادی حتماً اثربخش بوده.تو چندتا کار داری این ترم؟میشه بگی؟من که غبطه میخورم.
موفق باشی

Tameshk said...

Alireza Jan
Happy Nowruz!

My dearest Nava, Daisy and Behi
Thanks a lot and Happy Nowruz to you too.

Masoud Jan
I am taking 3 courses this semester: The Islamic City, Duchamp by Decade & Early Years of Photography.