Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer’s Must-Have

I opened my mailbox and there it was. It is the third time in three weeks. I am getting Victoria Secret summer sale & specials. Though I never have bought anything from the store or their online shop I keep getting their sale magazines. So I look through it and the phrase summer’s must-have catches my eyes. And I think of what is in my list of summer's must-have: definitely not $19 – $29 bra tops.

Must-have time alone, must-have two finished scripts, must-have time with my brother in the busy streets of Tehran, must-have a summer with no regrets. Packing, washing, cleaning, worrying. All that exhaust me. I am tired of irresponsible creatures, whom I constantly come across!

Lets talk art:
I have visited the Brooklyn College M.F.A Thesis Exhibition. It was great; I liked works by Lauren Russell and Cynthia Simpson and Sandra Antonia Rodriguez-Riera. I think I am getting more and more interested in printmaking as a method. It is not only an expressive medium but also it uses its limits to its advantage; by limiting the artist both in the choice of color and the detailed design, printmaking produces powerful works of art.


Nazy said...

I keep thinking how wise you are Tameshk. There are advertisements for what we need to have in order to have the happy life of the models in the advertisements. Pink flip flops, gold swimsuits, expensive sunscreens, and elaborate summer eveningware. I don't think those models are happy. And happiness for us is not in the things which money can buy. It is in that which cannot be bought, nor replaced with money. I think it would be nice to go on a vacation (where, I guess, all those things could be used and utilized); but more important that what we pack in that requisite Louis Vuitton, we should care whom we take along with us and what kind of time we spend together and what memories we will bring back with ourselves. I once had a post about clothes, the words for which just jumped out my soul onto the keyboard. I am so proud of you to know these things when you are younger. I had to wait a loooooooong time before I learned them. Be good Tameshk Jan. Do let me know when you go on your trip.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

Your lovely and supporting comments make my posts complete. I love them.

I am not wise at all; I wish you have seen me up close in the last three months. I was a mess and I still am though a happy one ;) I will leave for my summer vacation in a week.

roshanak said...

salam roja junam . bebakhshid ke hanuz un baziyi ke davatam kardi ro naneveshtam,bayad kami roosh fekr konam ta betunam benevisam. rasty daghighan key miyayi tehran ?

Marjan said...

salam tameshke azizam, khundamet. jaleb budi, mesle hamishe. Must-Have e khodamo be to nazdik didam ta hodudi...movafagh bashi azizam