Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Are Over !

It is over

The frown of your pain into my veins
The kiss of your reflection into my eyes

We are over !

A glass of wine filled with
The broken ruby petals of our lust
A mercury mirror shattered
By faraway dreams
of a long vanished image.

The image of you, holding me close
You, holding me close ...
You, holding me close ...

Holding me Close
Out of an unknown horror
Out of an unforgettable shiver.

The image of us
Long lost in our lust.

The image of you, holding me close

As close as glass holds mercury for the mirror.
The image of me roaming your lips
As brave as a nomad roams the mountain.

You, holding me close
It is all over!

We are over.

*This picture is a painting by Paula Modersohn-Becker called Girl with cat in the Birkenwald (Mädchen mit Katze im Birkenwald) from 1904.


Nazy said...

Ah, beautiful, sweet, and strikingly sad. What gorgeous imagery and how sweet this sadness. I am dumbstruck with goosebumps all over me. Though I know nothing about your inspiration, reading it from the viewpoint of my experiences in life, is reminder of a gigantic void once left in my heart and soul. I felt that emotion. For whatever it's worth, the same viewpoint is also tell you of happier times, after, when the dizziness and shock dissipate and dull and other elements can be seen better. What a powerful poem you wrote my young friend. Thank you.

Siavash said...

There is a really nice piece, though sadenning, of music by Javier Navarrete in the weblog of a friend of mine. you may listen that. It takes you to the very moment of suspention.

Tameshk said...

Dear Siavash

Thanks for the recommendation!

You were right: the music made me wonder in the air of sadness.

Siavash said...

This lady writes beautiful poems.
She's also from Cinema Theater!

اصلا ً نباش
اصلا ً به دیدنم نیا
دوستت دارم را توی گل های سرخ نگذار
برایم نیار
اصلا ً به من
به ویلای خنده داری در جنوب
فکر نکن
سردرد نگیر
عصبی نشو
اصلا ً زنگ در
خلوت مرا نزن
این قدر نمک روی زخم من نپاش
اصلا ً نباش

با این همه
روزی اگر کنار بیراهه ای عجیب حتی
پیدایم کردی
چیزی نگو
تعجب نکن
حتما به دنبال تو آمده بودم .
از روجا چمنکار

Tameshk said...

Dear Siavash

Wow! I know her ! such a nice coincident: she is one of the two Rojas, other than myselfe that I know of.

Please send my regards to her!

Siavash said...

Dear Roja

I'm glad I was the cause of this coincidence. Though, I regret to say i can't send your regards, since I'm not in close, even far, contact with her. It's been 5 years since the last time I saw her! But if that happened some day, Be sure I'll be the messenger. However,I believe this Roja, you, is much nicer than that Roja!
Good Luck