Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Venus On Hafte Tir Squar :

To the Hafte Tir Squre for it is a silent witness of many bloodsheds & To the bloody pain, which drips from your escaped hair strands:

Crushed, smashed
Then vanished from my chest
This pain that grows in me

I turned a page or two
Looking for a relief in words foreign to my soul
I looked for you
In the greenish ink you’ve never written me with

What I had in me of you was a pain
A flaming pain in black
And not Orange as you had always wished.

Not orange like freedom
But black like me

Oh my!
Oh my!
Am I ever going to be free?
Oh my!
Am I ever going to be?

When it comes
I will call myself the most beautiful names you have ever imagined
When it is to be
I will color myself the most enchanting colors you have ever wished

I will be me!

Venus On Sixth Avenue, By James Guy, 1937


Nazy said...

It's beautiful Tameshk Jan...it makes me cry, but though I am sad, I might actually be crying tears of pride in you and others like you who redeem Iran and Iranians in my eyes, my friend. Thank you. All my love to you.

Maryam said...

So nice!

shayan_shipish said...

Tameshk Jan: You are invited....

Nazy said...

oops, I signed in as my son! Sorry, it was me!

A. SH. said...

But this "being" is a meaning inside yourself, inside everybody's self, even before anybody wants to experience or to consider its presence somewhere outside herself, in the society ....
To be delivered with pain, believe that any transformation in our outward situation begins with a great transformation in our inward being!

مرجان said...

تمشک عزیزم. زیبا بود. به امید روزی که تو و هم نسلانت بتونین تغییرات مفیدی رو برای جامعه ایران و مخصوصآ زنان و کودکان به همراه بیارین. دوستت دارم

Tameshk said...

Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments.

Dear A.sh
I agree. "being" and the transformation of that being to the newer one is a very personal move, but I am not sure which one comes first the internal changes or the external ones; though I am sure if the changes merges in every one of us,they will stay longer.

Nazy joonam: Thanks for inviting me I hope it is still not late for me to participate.

A. SH. said...

Dear Tameshk,
There is no discrimination between the external and the internal; they both constitute a whole being. You observe the external through your thoughts and assumptions, through your own being. This is an external part experienced by yourself. I have my own experience too, the others their own too ....
So, we need a common experience, a common consciousness. This cannot, however, achieved without the experience of a common "meaning" inside ourselves.