Sunday, May 20, 2007

Waitress; an Homage to Chaplin !

Lying on my bed, balancing Bibi-Huryeh on my bent knees, typing these words while fighting my excessive headache at least proves that I am a multi-task being. At the same time I am taking a mental note that I should take 2 tablet of Advil before I lose the grounds to my headache.

To give you more proof to me being A Multi-task Being: I am also thinking about Waitress (2007) directed by Adrienne Shelly*. How good the movie was, is not relevant here (well, of course it is relevant; you should definitely see it.) but what I want to say is: how much it reminded me of Charles Spenser Chaplin. It was not only the last shot that was an obvious homage to Chaplin but also details in each scene were a constant reminder of Chaplin. The story is as simple, as sad, and at the same time as funny as the suspense of reality is in Charley’s films. Because of Waitress, once more, I came to realize that I miss Chaplin's works very much and that I should never stop watching them.

Now I have to include “I-Am-Losing-The-Battle Pie” to my menu and place it after “Sleepy-Girl Pie” and before “I-Murderer-Me Pie". You will understand the past sentence soon after seeing the movie.

Waitress, 2007

* Shelly also plays beautifully as Dawn in this film.

PS. Adrienne Shelly was murmured on November First in 2006, while making Waitress.


Nazy said...

It is quite clear that you are a multi-task person, Tameshk Jan! Sorry about the headache. The film sounds interesting. I'm adding it to my wish list to do soon. Be good beautiful Tameshk.

Tameshk said...

Nazy joonam

Wow! this is the fastest and the most encouraging feed back I've ever had for Tameshk; I just posted this text. My headache is already better thanks to you and Thanks for being there!

It is raining here!

Maryam R. said...

Maybe if you take "Aleeve?" instead of "advil" is better for the headache. I have heard the advile is not recommended for headache!:)

Tameshk said...

Maryam Joonam

Thanks, I will try Aleeve. Last night the only available medicine I had was Advil ! ;)