Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Graduate Student Symposium:

This is the announcement for what kept me occupied in the last two weeks:

"Tomorrow (Wed.) May 9,
Brooklyn’s own MAs Roja Najafi and Jessica Pepper
are speaking as part of a graduate student symposium
in Woody Tanger Auditorium at the library,
at 5:00 pm.

Come hear about their interesting research! "

Kurt Seligmann
The Notion Of
The Great Transparents*

* This is the title of my talk and the plural form of Transparent(s) is important in it.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan: How was it? I am sure you did very well, my dear. It all appears so mysterious to me! Explain a little, please! It is not fair that you are so far away, or I would have come to see you and to learn. Be good my friend and shine and sparkle.

Siavash said...

I wish you best of luck, though I guess it's over succesfuly by now.
By the way, Is it Possible to have more information about the content of your presentation, for instance having a link to that?

Tameshk said...

Dear Siavash
Nazy Joon

My presentation went well

Thanks for your interest on the Great Transparents. I dedicate my next post to your Questions.