Saturday, June 04, 2011

Stopping Time!

While chatting with another comrade in humanities, I thought that not being able to enjoy the moment is a casualty for people who are working in any History related field.

Practice helps!

PS. Recently I have found a great inspiration to Stop Time; to enjoy the moment. (Thanks to BMac!)


مسعود said...

این همون دم رو غنیمت شمردنه.نمی دونم چرا برداشت بدی توی مخ ما کرده بودند.به قول سهراب : آب تنی کردن در چشمه اکنون.

Tameshk said...

مسعود جان

درسته... نسلی پس از نسلی در پیش گذشته ای که در پس رو میاوریم

Lotus said...

I do not completely understand your post, but overall it makes sense to me :)
"Thinking" and "being in the moment" are very hard to reconcile, which makes enjoying the moment harder for "intellectual" people - not necessarily historians ;)

I hope I am not writing complete non-sense, lol