Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Particles of One Moment

The extended moment,
between the crash of coffee scent and the trembling leaves,

The extended moment,
between the red cross of the miss connection and the green lines of connection,

The extended moment
between the existing distance and the realization of that distance,

That moment and its particles,
the extended moment in that insignificant letter
that makes a significant difference
between word and world,

It is in the particles of that moment;
that nonexistence becomes the existence!


Braden said...

Wow - exceptionally deep. I had to stop for a second and slow down to read it.

linus said...

You have grown beyond you can imagine yourself!
I love it. I just love it...

Tameshk said...

Dear Barden,
Thanks for your encouraging comment.

Dearest Linus,
It is always good to hear of one's improvement. I am glad you like these little pieces.