Friday, June 17, 2011

My Lovely Fat Male Ginger Cat!

Three States of Mind Around A Balcony With A View:

- The maintenance guy saw my lovely big-boned cat, Zeitoon, on the balcony and yelled at this other handyman, "hey, this is the house of the fat male ginger cat."

- I overheard the comment and went like, "Ouch!" and "He is not fat, he is just big-boned!"

- And Zeitoon was relaxing on his side on the balcony, enjoying the view, looking please and probably thinking, "Are you talking about me. Oh, I am so cute and happy when people notice me, no matter what!"


Braden said...

Cats are awesome. They can have people making fun of them but so long as they hear their name they will be happy :)

Tameshk said...

In some cases it is true!