Thursday, March 04, 2010

Voices in Green!

Voices In Green
Creative Practices in Response to the 2009 Iranian Presidential Election

February 19 – March 5 2010
FAB Galley
Join us for the closing gathering of Voices in Green, Friday March 5th at 6:30PM,

Take a last look at Voices in Green.
Please join us for the closing gathering of Voices in Green on Friday March 5th at 6:30PM in the FAB gallery, located on the lower level of the Doty Fine Arts Building. There will be a review and a gallery talk followed by Q&A. After the closing discussion on March 5th, Voices in Green will continue to celebrate at the Dog and Duck Pub . Voices in Green is an archival exhibition focusing on art and activism around the Iranian Green Movement. These works were created after the crisis of the 2009 Iranian presidential election and all of them were distributed online.

© Rauch Design, photo Green Bird

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Behi said...

Wow! The poster is great, just love it Roja joon. Hope you're fine by the way :)

Don said...

Sorry I couldn't make it on Friday. I was out of town. I sent you an email and a couple of text messages. I hope you got them.

Let me know what you think of my offer for the weekend!

Rest well, D

Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam,
I like this poster too. Thanks for the comment.

Dear Don,
We missed you on the closing; Thanks for the nice offer.