Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Greenhill Symposium & Other Things!

Inspired by the Elenor Greenhill Art History Symposium, which was held today at the Art Building at UT, I decided to share my art exploration plans here. This is basically a list of art exhibitions that I would like to see in the coming weeks in Austin.

In its "New Works" section, the Austin Museum of Art has Luke Savisky on view through May 9th. In his light installation Savisky uses film and digital projections to converse a light pose on the white wall of the galley. I like to see if this light projection, which sounds like an abstract dancing pose on the wall, will transform the space. I am interested in the transformation of the space. So I will walk into this show with an active expectation!

Desire will be on view through April 25, at the Blanton Museum of Art. Desire presents explorations on the concept of 'desire' by different artists in various mediums. Also at the Blanton, there is Manuel Álvarez Bravo and His Contemporaries, a photography show. The photographs are selected from the Harry Ransom Center photo archive and the Blanton museum collection. The show will be on view until the end of July.

Women and Their Work is featuring Kathryn Kelley’s work through April 15th. Kelley transforms urban waste and makes art installations: “treading where no one hears the echo of her foot fall.” I have been always interested in this process of art making, when the borderline between everyday life and art is minimized via a creative transformation. I did some work on Tim Nobel and Sue Webster, whose works are different in the medium but similar in the concept. My recent piece on Nobel and Webster was published in the English section of Peyk 125: Turning Garbage to Art; Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

And tomorrow I am going to the opening of Alison Kuo’s exhibition at the SOFA gallery.

I have been so busy with the school that I missed a bunch of good shows in Austin. So I thought if I do not make a public claim on some gallery trips, I would miss more exhibitions. Voilà !

Detail of treading where no one hears the echo of her foot fall
by Kathryn Kelley


Don said...

Hey, Tameshk,
I am back in town.
Do you like to go to one of these shows together?

Let me know, I sent you an email.

Stay out of sun,

Tameshk said...

Dear Don,
Thanks for your comment and emails; I like the sun!