Friday, February 19, 2010

Take a Green Look at:

Voices In Green
Creative Practices in Response to the 2009 Iranian Presidential Election
February 19 – March 5 2010
FAB Gallery

Please join us for the opening of Voices in Green in the FAB Gallery on February 19th at 5PM.

Voices in Green is an archival exhibition focusing on art and activism around the Iranian Green Movement. These works were created after the crisis of the 2009 Iranian presidential election and all of them were distributed online. Voices in Green will be on view from February 19th to March 5th in the FAB gallery, located on the lower level of the Doty Fine Arts Building.


Till said...

Good luck with everything. I am sure it will be a great show and a nice opening. You're the best!

Don said...

Your show is great!
I am so happy we met again and the exhibition was a delight. I probably go aging on Wednesday with some friends.Hope to see you again this Wednesday. (Heard that you will be there on Wednesday!)

Please get some rest!

zhizaiyouyou said...

you're so wonderful!
i'm taking a class in art history this semester.learning surrealism today.i'm a foreigner^ so nice to meet you.

Till said...

Excellent exhibition. Very well curated and lovingly put together. Very good wall texts. Informative and enriching on so many levels. This must be the best thing to have ever graced those walls. Congrats, dear Roja!

Tameshk said...

Dear Till, Don, zhizaiyouyou,

Thanks for your encouraging comments; I am flattered!