Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scattered on CAA2010

In Chicago. It snows. Tired of airports. My mind is freezing. Missing my chubby cat.

Just picked up my conference badge. I feel sheepish wearing the badge around my neck; wish there were ID pins.

Already marked the session I am interested in; my list is much shorter than last year. Tomorrow I would like to check out two morning panels: Post-Duchamp, Post Production (Media in Art Theory and Pedagogy) and Future of Criticism. In the afternoon, I will check the open session on Surrealism and one talk on the Modernism & Collectivism panel.

Like always there are some sessions starting at 7:30AM and like always I feel bad for their organizers. In the middle of the winter, in Chicago, at 7:30AM; not everyone is staying at the conference hotel!

I look forward to meeting Professor H. It is a year since I’ve seen her last. Have lots of things to tell her; many sad things on Iran and some progressive professional news.


jeerjeerak said...

Oh you're in Chicago? How long are you gonna stay? You should come down to Champaign. Give me a call whenever you can.

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam,
I was pretty busy with the conference, nonetheless it will be great if I can see you here.