Friday, October 02, 2009

The Fool for the Full !

The moon was full tonight or it felt like it.

I saw it when walking to the churchyard.
Such a satisfying sight; full and complete.

And as I walked, I remembered, it was still a couple of days to the full moon in October.

I am such a fool for the full that I am a fool in full!

The full moon tonight was no fool;
It was carefully round, and I enjoyed its carefulness!

The Sleeping Gypsy (detail), 1897, Henri Rousseau
I took the photo in 2008 in MOMA.*

*It was hard to be far from New York and this smiling mustached moon in one of my favorite paintings.


مسعود said...

سلام دوست من
دیگر داری وارد معقولات میشوی!گرچه ظرافت این بازی با کلمات را به تمامی درک نمی کنم اما میدانم که زیباست،مثل مشابه فارسی آن.
آنجا شبها کلیسا بازست؟
سلام مرا به همراه گرامی ابلاغ بفرمائید.
برقرار باشید

Tameshk said...

Masoud-e Aziz,
Thanks for your heart warming comment.

No the church closes after 5pm; I never went inside of it. It is this Roman church 4 blocks to my building. I just walk there and sit on a bench under this single tree in the churchyard.
مسعود عزیز
هذیان کامل بودن شبانه روز گرفتارم میکند: دیوانه ماه کامل: دیوانه کمال: کمالی که فقط در ذهن یافت میشود و در اسمان هم اگر به نظر بیابد از دسترس دور است و فقط در نظر است.