Thursday, September 10, 2009


It is raining in Austin!

Another semester has started. The days of the past summer has robbed me of my energy. I was left to start school with nothing but a weak body and a tired mind. I said the past summer falsely, for I am still dragging its heated corpse with me. It is hard to write of daily matters, knowing so many things that we know and living through so many things that is happening to us. So let this post be a short update.

I am in three classes this semester: American History 1920-1941, Post-structuralism, Critical Theory, and the Visual Arts, and Biopolitics of Artistic Creation in Times of Crisis.

During the summer besides some archival studies, I didn’t work much on my own research. I audited two French classes. I gave 4 introductory lectures on the history of art from Prehistoric to Cubism for the Persian Student Society at UT. And as usual I wrote articles for the art column of Peyk, PCC newsletter. The two recent pieces are Francis Bacon: figurative in the age of Abstraction (Peyk 122) and Classical in the age of Revolution (Peyk 123). You can find their pdf version here under the English section.
It is cold; I need something that warms me up inside and out!

The Green Scroll, Austin, July 2009


مسعود said...

خداوند ان شائ الله اندوه و پریشانی و خستگی را از ملت ایران و تو دوست خوبم دور کناد

دور گردون گر دو روزی بر مراد ما نرفت
دائماً یکسان نباشد حال دوران غم مخور

Anonymous said...

It has been a while that you write so few posts either here or in the Tameshk in Kitchen blog. I just wanted to let you know that we miss you. I hope you get back to writing again.

Tameshk said...

Masoud Jan,
Thanks for your warm words.

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks! Sorry to disappoint you and I hope to write more.