Friday, May 01, 2009

That familiar line between your eyebrows!

Sunlight danced on your ebony hair,
Hiding the familiar line between your eyebrows

I missed you to the light,
Frightened by the sight,
I heard him calling your name.

He called,
You turned,
And from the distance between you and him
A scent swung about my dream,
And I knew at once; this is you!

Did I miss another May Day with you?
Did you fill the trunk of the car with carnation flowers today?

The sun gets brighter, I ask you to take me with you,
But the shinny glass that separated us for many painful years is thick,
You don’t hear me,

The light is gone,
You are gone,
I am here with a trunk full of carnation flowers!

* To my parents: Happy Anniversary!
* To you all, Happy May Day! Happy International Workers Day!


Siavash said...

درست عین اون فضای منفی سیاه بین تصاویر که ادم میترسه فرصت پر کردنشون رو از دست داده باشه
امیدوارم خوب و شاداب باشی روجا جان.

مسعود said...

سلام دوست من
مثلث جالبی ترسیم کرده ای.صدای ترا نمی شنود ولی صدای او را می شنود.البته اینهمه گل نشانه خوبیست و جای امیدواری دارد.
شعر پر محتواییست.حدیث نفس است؟

roshanak said...

salam roja junam.mamnun az tabriket azizam.jat khali ba amoo ina tavalod gereftim.ama khale mari nabud,rafte bud tehran.axesho alan barat email mikonam

Tameshk said...

Siavash Jan

That's right; like phases of one's dream.

Masud Jan
The piece has the logic of a dream world. In my sleep there is she and him and I recognize her only when he calls him and she turns, so I can see her (my mom).

Rooshi Joonam
Merci :D