Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Planning!

Today is one of those rare days that the air conditioning system in the Fine Arts Library is working in a desirable temperature, consistent with my mood. I am here trying to figure out what books I need to keep for the summer. I finished the semester by handing in all my papers last week and now I am planning for the summer. My mind tries very hard to block the depressing thought that I perhaps won’t see my family this summer; as far as my eyes are concerned my mind is not successful at all.

I will continue writing for Peyk newsletter. My latest column was on early photography in Iran inspired by a class I took this semester on Early Photography. The piece is a public introduction to amazing photographs of an often-unnoticed photographer, Antoin Sevruguin. You can check the PDF version of the piece on Peyk 121 English section.

Have you seen any interesting films recently? I hope to have a more active film life in the summer. No certain plans yet, but two movies per week is a start.

I will take two summer sessions of French; the registration will open again on May 26th. I have to be careful with the deadline; I’ve already missed an early registration. This is basically the only thing I am sure I will do.

The rest of my plans like many other times are more of a ‘Wish List’ rather than an organized schedule that one can follow and put check marks next to the tasks that are done. I am going to keep the wish list unpublished for the time being.

Just to make this post a bit interesting: I finally had the chance to visit Driscoll Villa at Laguna Gloria (AMOA). I had two failed attempts before, I got there every time when they were closing the villa. But this Sunday it was like magic. I made friends with the nicest lady one can imagine and she let me in for 10min. I will visit the villa again. She promised to tell me many interesting stories about Clara Driscoll.

Beverly Penn, Genius Loci: Villa (detail), 2007
Bronze, 72 x 72 X 12 inches


مسعود said...

ایام بکام
موفقیت مستدام
جوینده یابنده است.با توکل تلاش کن ان شاء الله دیدار هم میسر میشود.از مطلب آخر یک آدرس در حوزه معماری نصیبم شد.خاطرت هست ،درخواست کرده بودم؟
برقرار باشی

Tameshk said...

Masud Jan
Thanks and sorry for the delay.
In regard to Islamic Architecture there is ArchNet:Islamic Architecture Community. I use this site regularly. You just need to register for it. It is free:

I will ask around for better links.