Thursday, January 03, 2008


I was done with the cleaning, rearranging and organizing. I discovered the unseen broken pieces and the hidden slime. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, so it doesn’t wet the back of my shirt. The water was still dripping from its end. My hands were numb. I could smell the bleach on them only by looking at their thirsty skin. The headache I had fought with all through the morning was still there. I went shopping. I stopped at the red light; I thought everything would be fine, if it changed into green. They came; we ate and the New Year followed. I am still waiting for that green!

Green Composition by Wassily Kandinsky, 1923


Mersedeh said...


I feel oh-so-honored-(and-tickled-at-once!)to be the first to leave a comment! Kandinsky, eh? Now, you are talking my language! I like him a lot as he was a big influence on Joan Miro and I am a huge fan of Miro and spent lots of time admiring his work in Barcelona.

So, I must say that I not only enjoy the piece for its own worth but also because I can appreciate that your writing was also done in the same cubist style as the painting and that made the connection quite interesting...

Of course, I could have interpreted it all completely differently than you may have intended, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Very creative with good tempo.


Bayramali said...

Roja jan
this post is very pictorial imagination. with perfect cuts. it shows your talent in editing . any way I wish a warm and COMFORTABLY NUMB weekend for you :)

ا. ش. said...

کاندینسکی را همیشه دوست داشته ام، به خصوص آن خطوط منقطع و گسسته اش را. در 1925 نقاشی زیبایی به نام "زرد، سرخ، آبی" دارد که به طور خاصی توجه مرا جلب می کند. در این نقاشی تاکید محسوسی بر نگاه انسان در متنی از خطوط گسسته و البته نقوش پیچیده ی دیگر شده است؛ ترکیبی از سادگی و پیچیدگی، گسستگی و پیوستگی. برخی از این خطوط برای ما یادآور ترازهای انرژی هستند! و جالب این که درست در همین زمان بود که نظریه ی کوانتومی مفهوم گسستگی را در حوزه ی میکروفیزیک مطرح کرد! برای من این تلاقی در دو حوزه ی هنر و علم پراهمیت و پرمعناست

Tameshk said...

Dearest Mersedeh

I am very glad to hear from you in Tameshk; So the honor is all mine.

About Kandinsky I should say this piece is an Abstract piece, however his works were not always abstract. I like Miro very much: I like his surrealism, it is very dreamy and colorful.

Dearest Bayram

Thanks for your comment! I loved it: Comfortably Numb

Dearest A.Sh.
Thanks for your insightful comment.
Your comments always encourage me to write more on arts: Now I like to write a post on Kandinsky. Thanks for reminding me of Yellow- Red-Blue: It is amazingly joyful.

! said...

سلام تمشک جان
این نقاشی واقعا زیباست
خیلی زیباست
خیلی ممنونم بخاطر پست کردنش
راستی نقاشی مورد بحث ا.ش رو هم می تونی اینجا پیدا کنی اگه خواستی

Mersedeh said...

Perhaps I am breaking "blog-etiquette" with my unrelated comment here, but I just watched the 'director's cut version of Cinema Paradiso last night and I am really curious what you think about that movie in general and the different versions also....Nothing urgent, but I'd love to hear your perspective when you have the time, I think it would be very interesting!

Tameshk said...

Dearest !

Thanks for your comment and for the address ;)

Mersedeh Joonam

I have seen Cinema Paradiso's director's cut some time ago. I will see it again and I'll let you know.

یه خواهر کوچولو said...

سلام روجا جان من یکی از خواننده های تقریبا همیشگی و قدیمی وبلاگت هستم راستش چون خیلی زبانم خوب نیست برات کامنت نمی گذاشتم خیلی وقت ها باید از دیکشنری استفاده کنم تا کامل نوشته های قشنگت رو بفهمم ولی با همه اینها خیلی زیاد نسبت به نوشته هات احساس نزدیکی دارم و مطمین هستم خیلی خیلی دختر مهربون و ماهی هستی امیدوارم همیشه سلامت و شاد باشی