Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Aja Tiger !

It is for 10 days now that I look forward to my next web surfing on Bibi Huryeh:

It is mostly due to my iGoogle friend, a little Tiger. I want to see what my Aja tiger is doing. She is funny. She has this Watermelon garden and her house is so tidy and clean. She works at her garden in the morning, then have breakfast with her friend, then studies and so on. At nights after a quick shower Aja walks in her yard and then she goes to bed. Of course at this time three little rabbits start stealing her watermelons from the garden and I get really annoyed. I am sure she does a lot more. I just need to visit my iGoogle more frequently to cover all of her daily activities.

I adore her, and the fact that she loves watermelons is amazing: Watermelon is my third favorite fruit after Tameshk (Wild berry) and Pomegranate. I don’t know who is Aja’s designer; I guess someone interested in East Asian cultures designed Aja. If I am right about the East Asian background, then I only wonder about the name: Aja is a good name for this cute Lady Tiger. I only don't know about its origins. I think Aja is related somehow to Benin and Africa.

Aja is waking up, Aja tiger from iGoogle themes,

Aja is sleeping and the rabbit gang are at work,
Aja tiger from iGoogle themes,

PS. Oh my, it just snowed in Aja’s home: she is wearing a winter hat standing next to a snow-tiger (snowman). Maybe the weather in her garden changes according to the location I gave iGoogle; in my Aja's case it is Princeton's weather that affects her. Maybe I am not sure?

PS. I found some info about iGoogle themes on Michael Sync's page: Aja's design is Korean. For more info and pictures click here.


Michael Sync said...

Hi! Could you please link to my post directly?


Tameshk said...

Dear Michael

Sure! Thanks for reminding me.

BEHI said...


Anar said...

I had been avoiding themes for my iGoogle so far but your post was interesting. I will go and pick one. sounds like fun

Mersedeh said...

Very cute!!!

masoud said...

وقتی هندونه دست میده ،برف نمیاد که؟

Nava said...

Hi, after 2 straight days, I am done reading all your posts, which I really liked. I am not an artist, but we share a passion about the movies.Good luck, I'll be looking forward to reading more from you.

Daisy said...

Salam- I read your blog regularly although I don't leave any comments. I've found your blog through “from Berkeley”. I enjoy reading your opinion on art in general. I'm a student in the library and information studies at UBC.

I wanted to ask for a favour. On your November 30, 07 post, you posted a nice photo. I was wondering if I can use it for my on-line professional portfolio. That photo was such a creative picture and I though it'll look good on my portfolio. My portfolio will be consisted of my resume, projects, and courses. I though the woman behind the leaf needs an introduction and the whole portfolio will do that. Of course I'll properly cite it and give the credit to you. Let me know. Thanks:)

Tameshk said...

Dearest Behi

I am glad you think my Aja tiger is cool; I sort of feel I own the tiger so I say My Aja tiger.

Dear Anar

Thanks for your comment; If you are interested on iGoogle themes please check the Michael Sync's page. He will write again on the newer themes that will be available on iGoogle soon.

Mersedeh joonam

She is a cutie pie, my Aja tiger. I am glad she has you in her side.

Dear Masoud

No, I think it snows sometimes in early morning. But not when she is harvesting her watermelons!

مسعود عزیز
نه خدا رو شکر فقط بعضی شب ها برف میباره

Dear Nava

I am flattered to hear that; but you needn't trouble yourself with reading all my rubbish. (I am reading a British Mystery so you see where my choice of words are coming from ;D)

Your blog, Alchemist, is very neat; Since you put the standards so high I feel I should read all your posts first and then leave you a comment ;)

Dear Daisy

Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear that you like the photo. I don't mind you using it and I certainly appreciate if you cite it properly.

Mersedeh said...

I don't have your direct email address and I need to tell/ask you something. Could you please email me when you have a minute so I can have an address to send you my question?


URBAN Sapphic said...

I LOVE my AJA tiger