Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Closer Look to the Abstraction of the Universe

Mac the Opium of the Masses:
Mac is the Opium of the Masses; this new revelation appeared to me after the recent Air Mac-Epidemic was out. I had read Professor Tara Brabazon's criticisms on the usage of Google in writing term papers, what she calls "Google University." In the article a commentator left his/her thoughts by saying: “Maybe Google is the new religion.” And then by a completely-accidental-memory-loss I turned over the Karl Marx’s criticism on the philosophy of Right and transformed it into “Mac, the new Opium of the Masses.” You can read Professor Barbazon's discussions here.

Artful Bacteria; Figurative Within the Abstract:
I have a fever; I cough a lot and my body, especially my chest, aches. With all the misery I am not upset, since my self-diagnosis search led me to see a quality that I would have missed otherwise. I think I got pneumonia. I just looked at some chest X-rays and some microscopic images of Streptococcus Pneumoniae, the bacterium that is known to be the major cause of pneumonia. But lung infection is not the only disease that these artful bacteria cause. They have a résumé packed with diseases. The colored images of Streptococcus pneumoniae are especially touching. These images should be seen as part of figurative art since they present the body, the figure, and the real image of colonized living beings. Yet to our eyes it is an abstract form. These microscopic images detach themselves from their reality – a figure of unicellular organism – and turn into abstract forms in our art-educated minds.

A Post-it on my mind:
On any Middle East map, Gaza Strip is a tiny coastal piece of land. Perhaps this wide blade knife shape land is as abstract as any other place on any geographic map. But sometimes we need to look way too closer, as if through a microscope, in order to remind ourselves how lively and figurative these abstract forms on the map are in their actual existence.

Streptococcus Pneumoniae,
The microscopic image is from here

Streptococcus Pneumoniae,
The Microscopic image is from here.


Roya said...

Didn't you go to see a doctor? When did your fever and coughing start? If it started close to the last time we saw each other, it is probably flu. Because we didn't know it then, but both of us got a very bad flu the following day and were in bed for 3 days. Maybe we passed it to you!!!

jeerjeerak said...

oh my god. do go to a doctor girl. please. if it's that they should put you on antibiotics.
is insurance an issue?

Tameshk said...

Roya Joonam

Don't worry! I got a kind of flu and cold about two weeks ago. my body ached all over and my nose was running, but I am sure I didn't get that from you guys. Also I was fully recovered after 4 days.

This one is totally new. I am going to see a Dr. today. ;D

Jeerjeerak joonam

I am going to see a Dr. in couple of hours. It is funny you asked about the insurance; we are in the middle of changing our coverage from what we had in Berkeley to our previous one with Princeton. But it is not that important. Of course there is nothing that money cannot buy ;D

Mehran said...

I hope you fell better. I think I have the same illness since my chest iches and I do cough alot. I will go to doctor tomorrow let us know what doctor said

Tameshk said...

Dearest Mehran

I hope you get better soon. I visited my doctor and his diagnosis was acute Bronchitis. Bronchitis can turn into pneumonia. He gave me antibiotics and I can only hope it will go away after I finish taking my medicine.

masoud said...

سلام تمشک عزیز
از اینکه با داشتن کسالت اینقدر پر کاری،خوشحالم.
قسمت اول این پست،خیلی عالی بود.اینجا هم همه از بزرگ و کوچک آلوده اینگونه استفاده ناصحیح از منابع آماده شده توسط موتور های جستجو شده اند.مخ تعطیل! شده اند
برایت سلامتی آرزو میکنم

BEHI said...

That was an interesting post and it would be more interesting if these bacteria had not chosen you as their hostess!
Get well soon dear Roja :-).

jeerjeerak said...

roja joon e azizam:) in harfa chie dokhtar? tazasham tavallodam emrooz bood:) kolli mersi az commentet:)
zood e zood khoob sho, and we'll party, bashe?:)

Nava said...

Only if you could even get closer and see some of the proteins inside the microorganism which isresponsible foryour sickness, you would be in even greater awe because of their beautiful designs.
...and just to let you know my sympathy and make you feel "no-so-alone-in-the-situation", I had a similar experience last year in the middle of moving from one province to another and not having the health insurance, I feel off my bike, broke my chin and had 7 stitches!! Somehow there is a Genii flowing around and finding the people in specifically awkward situations! I really hope you get better soon.

Tameshk said...

Dear Masoud
Thanks for your comment. I personally don't mind if students use online sources as long as their citations are correct and complete. Of course not everything that is online is scholarly reliable.

Dear Behi
Thanks, I am much better now!

Jeerjeerak joonam
Thanks, I cannot wait to party with you!

Dearest Nava
Thanks a lot. I am much better now and our insurance will take care of the charges. I love to see those bacteria up close. It is really fascinating.