Saturday, May 06, 2006

Loves of A Blond

While drinking tea I watched Milos Forman’s film: Loves of A Blond 1965 for the second time. The tea was so hot it burned my throat; Loves of A Blond burned my eyes not by heat but by laughter. Forman is a genius creator whom I have always admired. His films, particularly in his early period, had a bold honest look that I value in Cinema. Loves of A Blond along with Firemen’s Ball 1967 are two of his early films which not only brought a huge amount of international attention for Forman but also they have a precious sense of humor in them: Humor driven from life. Critics call it Czech humor but I think it is a humor without boundary. He uses a simple story absolutely about life and presents it as if it is a single long sequence.

The funniest part in Loves of A Blond is when Andula (the blond) goes to Prague to visit Milda, the pianist who she once made love to. He is not home then but his parents are. The best scene naturally follows when Milda’s Mother and Father have an unbelievably funny argument with their unwanted guest, Andula. The discussion starts again in early morning when Milda finally comes back home from the club. It is a must-see Film.

After three days of eating Instant Oatmeal* for breakfast and lunch, I gave my presentation this Wednesday. I heard some Loud Laughs - I had made little jokes with my slides - and I also heard some Curious Questions, which showed the class did not have a clue about the topic; so I figured it was a good presentation.

*My Oatmeal packets gave me these Trivia, which really helped me with my presentation: Irvin Berlin wrote the holiday classic, “ White Christmas”, There are 420 seats on a standard 747 jumbo jet and finally Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.


sufferwords said...

Wow never heard of this one must check it out


roshan said...

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Maral said...

Thanks for your comment. I have checked your weblog. You are a good critic.

Maral said...

Yes,if you like then do it.