Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spanish Wine

Yesterday I handed in my paper. Next week, as the last day of our class we will have a party. While eating and drinking, we will discuss each other’s papers once more, but more politely this time. I love these parties.

Along with the course material, each semester in the first day of the class, professor L. explains to us that we will have a party for our last class and every one in the class has to bring something for it. Believe it or not, it is part of our class assignments. Like our paper topics we have to decide what we are going to bring, ahead of time. Professor L. usually offers to bring a bottle of wine, and then we get to chose from what is left: vegetables, chips, salsa, cookies, paper plates, cheese and chocolate. Last year, I brought veggies, but this year due to the increasing number of wine lovers I will bring the second bottle of wine.

I saw two funny French comedies last week: Pas Sur La Bouche (Not on the Lips-2003) a musical comedy directed, interestingly and unexpectedly by Alain Resnais, and Milou en Mai (May Fools-1990) directed by Louis Malle. Both films elevated my taste in wine but not in a French way. So I guess I will get a Spanish wine for the party.

Last but not least the artists of Plan B are going to sue or have already sued both Brooklyn College and the Memorial Park. The Art Department supports them, but of course the College does not any more.

Glass and Bottle of Suze, Publo Picasso, 1912

* Suze is not Spanish, but Picasso is.


Maral said...

It is a good way having party.I like it.
About the pictre I did not get it completely.Would you tell me what is this?

Maral said...

It is a good way of having party.I like it.
About the picture I did not get it completely.Would you tell me what is it?

TAMESHK said...

This is a Collage by Picasso. what do you want to know ?

roshan said...

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