Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reflection: An Independent Filmmaker

John Cassavetes’s biography is less boring than his films. I saw two of them: Gloria (1980) and The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976). Both films were strangely independent. And by that I mean that these films are not only independent from Hollywood, which is a good and important quality for a movie, but also they are independent of the audience, which is not so good.

Although it is true that being interesting is not a goal for an independent filmmaker, nor is losing spectator’s attention, which happened to me while watching these films. Besides being bored I felt a Pain; I am not certain where this pain came from, maybe from the story or maybe from my high expectation of an independent filmmaker.

Of course I watch these films today and not in 70s or 80s; one can think that these films might have been less boring at their own time; if so we should not forget that there are a lot of old films which are still among the most interesting films of all times.

Now about films of Our Time:

Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) directed by Carlos Saldanha is out and it sounds promising with Queen Latifah joining the crew for Ellie’s voice. It is what I like to see.

Inside Man (2006) directed by Spike Lee is a tempting Crime/Drama by an exciting cast and crow. It is more probable for me to see Inside Man first since my husband is not an animation fan and it often happens that I have to either find an excuse to make him come with me to see an animation in theater or I have to wait for him to go to a conference somewhere far away to allow me borrow an animation from the library or the video store. This was the case with Shark Tale (2004) – it was not a good animation anyways -, Robots (2005) - I was with my lovely friends and he was at a banquet with his genius friends - and Corps Bride (2005) – he was in Michigan.

Baltimore, MD, Feb. 2006

Baltimore, MD, Feb.2006

Baltimore, MD, Feb. 2006

* I took these photos in a suny and windy day which in my experience, is the best time to take pictures of clouds.

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