Thursday, April 20, 2006

Amusing !

New York is warm and sunny today. My annual allergy which is usually showing itself up in the form of my running nose in May has started today, two weeks earlier. I am still wrestling with my paper on the Impact of Klee and van Doesburg on the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop. My presentation is in two weeks.

Today is Joan Miro’s 113th birthday. He is one of my favorite painters: actually he is the only surrealist painter that his paintings never scare me and I can keep looking at them for ever. However I am not fan of his sculptures and that is mostly because they don’t pass to me the powerful emotions that his paintings do through their colorful spirit.

Like other painters, in his early works, Miro experienced and worked in different styles and isms before surrealism. But since his surrealist works were more familiar to me than his other works I got surprised the first time that I saw The Farm (La Masia): I was studying for an exam, almost three years ago, it was after midnight and I was the only moving-being in our apartment. I was just surprised at first and I didn’t like the painting that much. But the more I looked at it the more I liked it. The interesting point is that The Farm doesn't have any passionate color. Just look at it; it grows at you little by little.

Other than the running nose and the daily struggle with my paper, my thumb still hurts from a week ago that I cut it by a knife. Because the result wasn’t satisfying for one of our friends, she/he bought a sharpening stone for us and sharpend our knife set. Perhaps a knife should be sharp enough to cut my thumb off my hand. Thanks to her/him, next time I won’t have any pain since there will be no thumb attached to my hand to cause me any.

After all who feels pain when Joan is so colorful and amusing !

The Farm, Joan Miro,1922.

Dog Barking at Moon, Joan Miro, 1952.


roshan said...

salam azizam.khoobi?chee khabara?aman az alergy ke dige divoonam karde to aabe binit rah miyofte manam payam be kharesh miyofte,(gerye)opmidvaram zood khoob beshi.booooooooooos

parastoo said...

Hi my dearest Roja
Thank you for introducing Joan Miro and his amazing careful not to cut the other finger because I don't like disable Roja!