Thursday, February 23, 2006


On Tuesday night we went to a dance performance by Chicago’s Hubbard Street Dance group. The performance had three parts: Gnawa choreographed by Nacho Duato, was a ballet for pair of six men and women set to music pieces from “Ma’ bud Allah”, “Carrauri” and “windows” to worship love. Strokes Through The Tail, choreographed by Marguerite Donlon, was a humorous and amusing dance inspired by Mozart’s Symphony No.40. Minus 16, Ohad Naharin, (Revival) by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin was the last part in which dancers break the stage’s limits and involve the audience in their performance by the familiar ranges of music from Dean Martin to Cha-Cha, mambo, techno and traditional Israeli music. I liked the last two parts more, for their over all creative arrangement, costume, light and set design.

I think I owe my interest in dance to my dear aunt, Aki, who put my cousin and me in a ballet class when we were as little as 5 and I owe my moody and nerves approach toward dancing to “the dance class being illegal then in my country”. Since I have had these different and often mixed feelings about dancing, I always wanted to see a dance performance on a stage with a wish to settle my mind about it. Well it didn’t help this time.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

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