Friday, February 03, 2006

Clean House vs. Clean Country or
How did a Monkey become President? *

Things that can make you more tired than what you already are: First having a discussion with your partner (in my case the husband) about cleaning the house; then going to an overcrowded swimming pool and sharing a lane with two screaming kids while their mother tries to teach them how to swim; and last but not least after a slightly nice dinner in a much cleaner home watching Charlie Rose on channel thirteen and realizing that the program is a depressing Discussion About Iran.

I wanted Tameshk to be about Art History more than anything else. But how could I ignore hearing bad news about and from my country, Iran, day after day. It is devastating and nostalgically upsetting to see how a Fundamentalist group, from nowhere, in less then a year can ruin all the achievements of the former Reformist government. I can only hope that people around the world would realize that the current government by no means represents people’s beliefs in Iran.

This is a picture of the Monkey Chain in Sackler gallery at Smithsonian, DC

* The title was suggested by my Husband after cleaning the house for 2 hours.


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