Thursday, September 22, 2011


Nothing is complete when you are gone,
nothing is full,
the nature responds to your absence,
the moon is gone!


Siavash said...

نرو روجا روجا روجا
کولیان دیگر سر نمیرسند
بمان بمان بمان

Anonymous said...

Passing Through

When the morning sun fell against the eastward trunk-tip of the tallest pine

I saw that day has many shades, some bright, some mottled, some dark.

I felt the pathway at my feet give way to weight, my passing presence,
while my shadow stretched across the looming pond and vanished
in a restless wind reflected close to shore.

I pushed on and felt the forest’s breath soft against my back
as it pursued me inward, through my unthought thoughts,

but when I turned to face it, there was no one,
only new growth, vexed by my clumsy passage,
so resilient, so responsive, shimmering its
translucent spring glow
as if waving me


David Rossi

Anonymous said...

Full Moon

After the evening storm I stepped outside
to find a clear night sky where clouds once roared
and in it, couched in violet, sharp stars
pierced vision with their remote, ancient light

When I looked up to zenith I found dark
encroached by bright precursors of full moon
and when she burst out from her cloistered place
night gave up all its misted screens to sight

Once again a child, frightened, small
I turned away from heaven, to wet earth
to look on lunar beauty in a pool

of new rainwater unstirred by the breeze
and realized the universe is vast
moonlight is the present, starlight past.

Tameshk said...

Siavash Jaan,

Thanks for your kind comment, I will stay, stay with me!

Dearest David, your poems are amazing, they touch my senses. I hope to see you soon,