Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Green: More Than A Color!

This is going to be a painful week, for the memory of the last year’s Iranian presidential election and the ongoing crisis in our Iranian lives revives, as we get closer to the anniversary of the 2009 election. Blocking the mind is hard and mostly unsuccessful. The memories come back, sneaking into the moment, like the touches of green in an impressionistic landscape. There is more pain in this green than joy and yet this green is livelier than any color in an Impressionist painting. What tint is this green, is it Kelly green or Islamic green? Whatever the shade, the Iranian Green is more than a sign that signifies a political campaign. This Green is a longing in itself, a hunger for progress, equality and truth. Green is not only a color; Green is a state of being.

My State of Being, Chickpea Chateau, June 2010


Anonymous said...

Very well said and well pictured as usual.

مسعود said...

واقعاً مفهوم سبزبودن فراتر از دلالت بر یک رنگ است.در اشعار محلی اینجاهم چنین چیزی صدق می کند.آن تابلو که در کنار تصویر استاد شجریان است از کیست؟ مرغ سحر است؟که سبز شده؟ترکیب شگفتی است. ممنون

Tameshk said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment.

Masoud Jan,
Thanks a lot. It can be Morgh-e Saha. The image is a sample print of a poster designed in support of Iranian Green Movement. The artist's name is Yossi Lemel. It is a green bird in the cage. Can be any symbolic bird like Morgh-e Sahar.