Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup: Artsy!

I am not sure how exactly Dubuffet became a pleasant companion to me, but he did. I don't even notice the time when I am with him. Dubuffet is not the first to propose that art should be clear of all accepted aesthetic conventions, but I think he is the most compelling in his proposal. He did not find art in use of beautiful color or creation of pleasing forms. Art was not for the eyes’ enjoyment. For Dubuffet “art addressed itself to the mind, and not to the eyes.”

2010 FIFA World Cup:
The sunny days of June in Austin are more vibrant due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I am following the games as much as I can. I am always for England and then unfortunately England doesn’t come up very high, so after England is eliminated I am forced to follow other teams. To me soccer is more of a human performance than a sport. Looking at it as a performance, I generally am not for the robotic play of Germany or supreme superstar soccer culture of teams like Italy or Argentina. And let’s hope for once England will play better in its next match.

On another matter yet soccer related, I hope I am not the only one who enjoys FIFA World Cup commercial/cultural advertisements much more than other TV advertisements, Let’s say Super Bowl TV ads for example. FIFA is Artsy!

For Persian Cultural Center newsletter, Peyk, I began a short series on the modern art movements of the twentieth century. The introduction article to the series, “Modernity & Art: Modernism,” is now available as a pdf on the English section of Peyk here. (No. 127, May & June 2010)


Till said...

Rojajan, thanks for the lovely article. It is very hard to explain Modernity and modernism in just two pages but you did it. I also love the choice of works. I once wrote a little paper on the Burial. But my favorite is the Magritte with the shaving brush on the wardrobe. I'm looking forward to the next text on Cubism.

I cheer for your favorite team and for you!

Anonymous said...

I remember in 1990 you were for Germany all the way. Come back to your senses Sis. Do you remember the wall-poster you have made?

Don said...

Hey Tameshshshk,

I am for Argentina!

Be Victorious

Tameshk said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your comments!