Friday, November 06, 2009

What is going on in Austin?

Art History-wise this is an energetic November:
Today is the first day of the Transnational Latin American Art Conference (the 1st International Research Forum for Graduate Students and Emerging Scholars.) It will be a 3-day conference with concentration of talks and panels on Saturday and Sunday. The papers will cover the trio continental connections in Latin American art (US, Europe, Latin America.)

Domestic-wise there is not so much energy left after too many energy-sucking issues; Zeitoon, my fat ginger cat, having heart problem was the breaking point of them all.


siavash said...

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm so sad for Zeitun:(((

Tameshk said...

Siavash Jan,

I know, I feel terrible; worried sick and cannot let go if him when he comes close to me. The poor cat doesn't get it; probably thinks I am crazy.