Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Rare Moment!

I felt your heart, when I took you in.
It was a rare moment;
Time stopped,
Rain stopped,
Your heart stopped,
Only the scent of wet soil continued into my lungs.
It was a rare moment!

One of those moments that my hope opens its wings,
That my smile breaks my fear,
That I have no tear,
One of those rare moments, when I dream that my dreams are real and I have no fear,

It was a rare moment under the summer rain,
It was you, who took away my pain,

Two tiny white spots on your wings, I remember well,
A fade azure ruff around your neck, that had no break,
And the smell of rainbow in a far away sky, that took away your hope to fly,

I took you in, from the rain,
I felt your heart with my vein,
In that rare moment, I had no chain!

I gave you up to the cruel warmth,
And with you, went away my broken heart!

It was a rare moment!

Back on the chain,
Back in the pain,
I am waiting for the rain!

* Blue Dove by Picasso,
** For D13, my baby dove,


مسعود said...

and such a rare moment
roja reading in ahwaz!
thanks a lot.

Till said...

Thank you for the beautiful poem. I was reminded of this:

Here is a little text about it:

Tameshk said...

Masoud Jan,
Thanks a lot I am so happy you can read me from Ahwaz. I follow your posts here. Thanks.

Dear Till,
Thanks for the links!