Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Iran, Where Mathematics is challenged!

Where Mathematics is challenged:

Last night in the cloudy sky of Austin I saw the crescent moon of June; a dash of hope in the gloomy days of my life.

I am from Iran; I study Art History. I live in Austin with a cat and a mathematician husband whose ultimate belief in mathematics was challenged a couple of weeks ago.

It was about three weeks ago around 2AM Tehran’s time, that Iran’s interior ministry with a speed unknown to men announced the results of the 10th Presidential Election; more than 20 million votes were counted and the winner of the presidential election was announced some hours later, as Ahmadinejad.

My husband said, the interior ministry people have probably failed their calculus courses in high school.

The next day when people, my friends and my fellow students, came to the streets to get their votes back, my family of 4 in Tehran extended to millions. It was yet another mathematically challenging equation.

Today, although we are far from Iran, we are standing side by side with our family of millions, with our fellow Iranians.

Since mathematics could not answer neither for the fraudulent election of June 2009, nor for my overgrown family, my mind is reaching out to any art historical analysis I have learned. So I may be able to bring some sense to what has shocked my people and me in these past weeks.

Iran, my country is in a Surreal State; a mixture of dreams and nightmares. People of course are trying to turn the dreams into reality and the nightmares into a minimal state.

I am from Iran, where mathematics is challenged and surrealistic nightmares are ruling.

Our Votes Are Stolen, But Not Our Hopes!


jeerjeerak said...

They might have stolen our dream this time, but we remain dreamers. They can't steal that.

Enjoyed reading your post and miss you alot.

Shobeir said...

Enjoyed your post a lot....
I guess these are times we realize that we are proud to be Iranian....



مسعود said...

سلام دوست خوب من
اخیرا یک تحلیل آماری براساس کاربرد قانون بنتون خواندم که تقلب در انتخابات را ناممکن میدانست.یکروز بعد تحلیل دیگری مبتنی بر همان قانون خواندم که ادعای اول را ردکرده و نشان داده بود که قانون بنتون درست بکار نرفته است.پنداشتم تو هم از قول همسر محترمت ازین دست مطالب می خواهی بنویسی.به ایشان سلام برسان .اگر میتواند دراین باب توضیحی بدهد سپاس گزار خواهم بود.
شاد و برقرار باشید.

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Jan,
Shobeir Jan,
Masoud Jan,

Thanks for you comments!