Sunday, December 21, 2008

Reports of My Habitual Life:

A delayed Happy Yalda!

Last night we got together, like every other year to celebrate the longest night of the year. I baked Pomegranate Cake,which surprisingly turned out delicious -hopefully its recipe will soon appear in Tameshk in Kitchen.

It is more than a month now that Zeitoon is with us. He is a ginger 4-year-old male cat adopted from San Marcos street in Austin. In a way the adoption was mutual; he came to get food every day and he slept at the door every night for 2 months. Finally in a cold night at 2AM, in order for him to come in and survive the cold he was taken to the Vet for check up. And ever since he has become a regular part of my days. Besides Zeitoon there is not much to report.

The semester is officially over at UT Austin; One of the busiest semesters I have had so far. I really am looking forward to the next semester with courses more related to my area, modern and contemporary art. During the break I am looking forward to reading a couple of books I've postponed for so long. Also I will try to update Tameshk Film Club and write more on my movie adventures.

Best wishes for the season and Happy Holidays!

Blue Dahlia Bistro, Austin, Fall 2008


Bayramali said...

my dearest Tameshk
we missed you last night , and I am happy that you had a good yalda too. I hope every thing be fine and life goes on sweet and happily. next time you should bake pomegranate cake for us too :D
take care

Behi said...

Happy holidays Tameshk joon,

Wish you all the best :)

Hossein Maserrat said...

I just wanna let you know every now and then I read your posts and usually I enjoy them, and happy Yalda.

In the case you don't know which Hossein I am, ask the mathematician we both love (in different ways I guess)

The Joker said...

Dear Tameshk
I wish you and Hossein the bests of bests in the new year. Happy Yalda and keep that smile on your face and the others'.
The Joker

Tameshk said...

Dearest Bayram , Behi, Hossein Jan and The Joker,

No that the vacation is over I hope you all had a happy Holidays and Thanks for your comments. Sorry it got me so long to reply. I hope to update Tameshk more often.