Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Cure!

Missing you
Is harder than missing the foam on my cappuccino cup,
Grimmer than missing sun rising on the daybreak,
Sadder than missing the bus in the blizzard of heat and mosquito,

If I order another cappuccino,
If I wake up earlier the next morning,
If I wait for another bus to come,
If I magically find a cure for all my wistful wishes,
For all that is gone and is missed;

Still missing you has no cure,
No cure,
Neither magic nor Logic!

You cannot be ordered like cappuccino, ‘single shot with extra foam’!
You are not timed like dawn,
You are not catchable like bus,

Missing you has no cure,
But, You!

*Sankofa mural by Regi Thomas (details); In the park side of the dual mural, Rhapsody & Sankofa by the artists Yancey and Thomas, in Austin.

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