Sunday, November 23, 2008

Particles of Dust

I thought I saw you in my dream:
I dreamt of dreaming about you.

It was all in my vacant imagination,
An empty pot of dreams of dreams,
Like particles of dust on an old feather duster !

Both dust and feather duster are there,
In the Britannica Encyclopedia,
Everything is there in that encyclopedia, but my dreams!

My dreams are particles of dust on an old feather duster
They fly away every time there is motion in the air of my mind
Every time you come closer!


cuckoo said...

Nice, at some points was quite impressive, thanks for sharing ...

Behi said...

Beautiful feeling and beautiful photo. Thanks Roja joonam.

مسعود said...

سلام دوست هنرمند من
شعر عجیبیست و البته خوب.اگر لطف کنی و معادل کلمه* زیر را برایم بنویسی ممنون میشوم.البته ظرف امروز و فردا.دلیلش را بعدا مینویسم.
برقرار باشی

Tameshk said...

Dear Cuckoo, Behi Joonam & Masoud Jan

Thanks for your flattering comments: Many times the pieces I write and post as my personal verses are the feelings that I myself am wondering about, just to understand them better. Dream and the state of my dreams are one of the matters I wrestle with a lot; thanks for reading them and thanks for leaving your comments.