Thursday, November 27, 2008

Art Reports on Thanksgiving!

There are many things to write about, but my schoolwork has got most of my time; I hope to get them done by next week and get back to a normal pace in my life. The Egungun: Diaspora Recycling, An Art Exposition of Transformation & Border Crossings exhibition is going well; the labels are almost done and the posters were printed and distributed in all libraries in the University of Texas at Austin. The installation will be on December 2nd and the opening will be on December 5th. I hope to write more about the exhibition. I will put the exhibition’s poster up here on my next post: It is an enigmatic poster and I like you to see it.

In case you are wondering what else I am working on: I am thinking a lot about the notion of Avant-garde lately. I am working on a paper about surrealist magazines in 40’s in New York and the issue of Avant-garde comes up a lot. I will explain more later; Avant-garde is interesting enough to keep me wondering for most part of this semester. Of course, looking at Avant-garde in Cinema (what I did a lot in my undergrad years) compare to Avant-garde in Fine Arts is different in many ways but at the same time it has significant similarities, which is hard to dismiss.

Any way it is that time of year again, so: Happy Thanksgiving!

A Colorful Day, Hearst Castle, San Simeon CA, Fall 2008


The Joker said...

Dear Roja
It is so delightful to see how your great life has become even greater out there in the big country! I congratulate you on your progress there and wish you success, joy and love, on each and every step you make toward your shining destiny.
A big big HaPpPy BiRtHdAy to you and happy thanksgiving.
Hope the exhibition goes great and will be looking forward to hearing from it and seeing the posters you mentioned.
By the way, "the particles of dust" was lovely.
"The Joker"

Parinaz said...

Ok! thanks a lot for all the information. I always enjoy your art posts and colorful pictures;
May all your days be colorful and happy.
Happy thanksgiving Tameshk jan.

Tameshk said...

Dear "The Joker"
Thanks :D

Parinaz Joonam
I am flattered by you comment and glad you enjoy Tameshk!