Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Significant and Insignificant in Austin

Austin is hot in August; it is so hot that you would never slip on a banana skin, because it would be dry like an autumn leaf. Austin is big all year round, not only in August. Austin looks like Tehran for its highways and wide streets. It has an open sky like Tehran but it is a bit more humid than Tehran.

We finally moved to an apartment that satisfies us and our stuff just got here on Saturday. Unpacking goes very slowly because of my classes. But things are good overall, except for my books, my lovely and previously clean undamaged shiny books; they are damaged, slightly but damaged, and that was the most upsetting part of our move, even more upsetting than my dead plant (one of them died).

This reminded me that a month or two ago Roya invited me to the game of “Insignificant Sensitivities” which kept me thinking about my little sensitivities; the problem was which one is insignificant. My books are the one subject I am very sensitive about. I like to buy books and own them and their well being is very important. I don’t like them to be bent or damaged in any way. Many times I make paper covers for them to keep them safe and shiny. I also like them to be read by others and I consider myself very liberal when it comes to lending books. Now here, if I want to be rational I should count my book obsession as insignificant sensitivity, especially compare to my broken and damage office desk and my broken office bookcase. Right? Wrong: I am not at all upset about my damaged desk and bookcase and I can hardly control my tears when I look at my ripped and bent Harrison and Wood books. OK. That’s enough complaining for one post. Let's get to some real and more significant stuff.

I have to run to the health care center and then I have to go to the Art Department Party which is sort of a required event for new grad students. This semester I have three courses which are totally out of my comfort zone and it will be a challenge since my area of focus has always been on Euro-American Modern & Contemporary art. But it is like me; I am a challenge magnet and I have learned to survive it and even welcome it.

My classes are: Art Journals and Magazines (Chicano & Latin American Art), Museums and African Art: Case of Egungun Masquerade and The Orientalizing Phenomenon in the Greek World of the Early First Millennium. I am really excited about them.

Also in Austin there are two museums that I will visit regularly: One is the Austin Museum of Art (AMOMA) and the other is The Blanton Museum of Art, which has a new facility now.

The Blanton Museum of Art, August 2008, Austin


Leva said...

Hi Rooja Joonam,
I am so sorry that your books got damaged. I know how sad it could be, but other than that, as my boss Pat use to say, happy unpacking. Take it easy and let it be an enjoyable act. I am done with my unpacking, but our place is much more smaller than yours.
By the way, I did not know that you got in grad school in Austin. Many congratulation on your admission. Why you hide that all this time girl? bayad sham bedi. :)

Tameshk said...

Leva Joonam,
Thanks and Happy Unpacking to you too. I didn't hide anything; I am hoping to officially start next fall; I just registered for three graduate classes this semester. But I will give you dinner; Pleas come and visit us in Austin.

jeerjeerak said...

tameshk joonam,

good to hear from you and sorry for your moving damages. hope you can settle smoothly from now. have you got a chance to visit mount bonnel yet? jaye mano khali kon vaghti oon bala boodi:)

Siavash said...

hi Roja,
Thanks for the invitation(I will come for sure!)and I am happy you have settled.
Have you started PhD at UT Austin? That's just perfect! So I may have your advices more than ever:))
My more than best wishes,

مسعود said...

سلام تمشک هنرپرور
اولاً مبارک باشد.ثانیاً چیزهای زیادی برای خوشحال بودن داری.یه نگاه به پست جدید بانوی جشنواره زمستان بکن!ببین چقدر خوشحاله!.مطمئنم تو هم هستی.پایدار باشی.

Behi said...

Roja jan, I hope you have a great time in your new place with so many wonderful memories.
About your books, I'm sorry to hear that but look at the bright side honey, it's a good thing that they're still there for you even with those wounds on their bodies ;).

Good luck with the new courses.

bakavir said...

Salam Azizam

I am happy that you have seteled down. I am sure you will have an exciting semester and please, do not worry for your books...;)

yunus said...

Hi Roja,

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Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam
I am not a hiking person but if you come done here I will go with you.

Dear Siavash
How do you like your school? hope to see you soon.

Masoud Jan
Thanks I like that post of hers; very energetic.

Behi Joonam
You're right:D and Thanks!

Bakavir Joonam
Thanks and I hope to see you in a month :D

Dear Yunus
No problem; Now you have my email.