Monday, November 05, 2007

Translation of Delaram:

I am a translator: the translator of time:

Before 5:01

Before 5:01 this morning; before I read the news, before I finished the loads of translations, Delaram meant what it actually means in Farsi. Delaram meant sweetheart; it meant the one who brings peace to Del (heart).


It is 5:01. I forgot to add AM. Although that AM wouldn’t make any difference in my translations, I like to have it there. The translations are done and sent. I am tired and sleepy. Yet I cannot allow rest to come to my burning eyes, to my freezing fingers and my numb toes. Somehow resting means nothing after 5:01 AM. After reading the latest news about Delaram Ali’s sentencing.*

After 5:01 AM

The time has passed 5:01. I forgot to add AM. Although it was not this AM that made the difference in my translation.
After 5:01 AM Delaram means Star, it means Violet, it means Spring.**
After 5:01 AM I am a translator: the translator of time:

Delaram means the Sweetheart of Resistance !

The Blue Hesitation, Bandar-e Anzali, Summer 2007

*Delaram Ali is one of the 33 women’s right activists who have been arrested in the peaceful gathering of 2006 Hafte Tir Square; June 2006’s protesters demanded changes on the constitutional inequality that affects women's and children’s life and safety tremendously. Delaram Ali was sentenced by the appeal-court to two years and six months imprisonment. Read more on BBC News, BBC Persian, Inside Iran and Lady Sun.

**inspired by Ahmad Shamlou


Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan: I am so distraught about that news. Did you notice she will receive 10 lashes, too, for safe measure? Unbelievable. My heart weeps for this young woman.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

Yes, It was indeed a very disturbing news! I know about the lashes; apparently it was the punishment for her charges on disturbing public peace!

jeerjeerak said...

Sorry to hear this... Life in Iran is so often not fair.

Anonymous said...

un axe ke tuye site iran inside azin vaghee gozashte shode vaghean vahshatnake.

alireza shirneshan