Friday, November 23, 2007

November's Alibi !

I am asking about a November night
I was in the kitchen holding a jar of pomegranate paste,
Finding my way through a long forgotten recipe.
He was busy
With his numerous affairs,
And a wall of fog in between!

I am asking about a November night
It was cold and gloomy
He, busy; three thousand miles away
I was in the kitchen
Holding a jar of pomegranate paste
When the thin glass of the kitchen window quivered,
When my loneliness attacked,

I am asking about a dark, lonely, feverish November night
When the cold breeze of autumn tapped on my shoulder,
He was busy with numbers

When I trembled under the freezing fear of fall
When I let go of the jar
When I was attacked
When I was covered with blood
There is no blood like the pomegranate’s blood

I am asking about a November night
When I was attacked
When I broke the jar
He was busy, lost and three thousand miles away

Dear God
What was your alibi, in that November night?

Sunset on Pacific Ocean, Fall 2007


Nazy said...

It was gorgeous Tameshk Jan! Simply beautiful. It is a gift to be able to write poetry which would read so smoothly and touch so deeply. Very nice, and thank you. Happy Thanksgivin my sweet friend.

Khodadad said...

Good seeing you tonight! Keep in touch please!

Siavash said...

Dear Roja,
Have you seen this site:
I also very much enjoy the MoMA ( Think Modern Lectures) and Frieze art fair podcasts!

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

Thanks for your encouraging comment!

Dear Khodadad
Nice seeing you too! I was thrilled to see someone else is interested on the same stuff as I am. I am looking forward to hear more about your research.

Dear Siavash
That web-page is breathtaking ! I loved it. Thanks for the link. I have heard about Frieze; isn't it related to architectural projects.

Nazy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Tameshk! I hope the new year of your life brings you much joy and happiness, keeping you warm, in love, and successful. I can't wait for us to go celebrate tomorrow! Yippee!

Siavash said...

Dear Roja,
I am delighted to know that you hadn't seen the site!!!
In fact, frieze is a contemporary art exhibition held in London annually(I think); yet It also involves topics related to architecture vis-a-vis art such as museum as sculpture. Three of its podcasts recently I listened to and enjoyed very much was Criticizing the critics, Empathy and criticality and Theory and practice: Thiery De Duve( who I love his writings).

nadaram said...

hope this was a fictional attack and not a physical one. either way, no use blaming god. he was probably off doing something else as is most often the case. he has a very liberal attitude towards watching his kids!! listen to george carlin -- give you a good laugh and perhaps an answer to your question about god's alibi. stay well.

nadaram said...

i forgot to mention: most beautiful photo. perhaps god was somewhere watching the sunset, admiring his work.

Tameshk said...

Dear Nadaram

Thanks for your comments. Of course there is no one to blame. Sometimes my lonely mind attacks my logic, that's all.

Gorge Carlin is hilarious. I have heard him before; I particularly remember him saying: "and thy shall keep thy religion to thyself."

nadaram said...

there is more to life than logic... and routine and scripts and tasks and dos and donts.... it isn't your lonely mind... it's your wondering, wandering, functioning, seeking, needy mind. don't snuff it out. and don't settle for anything less than you are capable of.

nadaram said...

ps: speaking of which, wander off to 'sam kinison hbo special' on youtube for his take on marriage and world hunger ('live where the food is a**holes!')...hilarious stuff.