Thursday, April 05, 2007

Snow Again!

It is snowing right now in Princeton! I really can't believe it. Take a look at its photo. Those small white lines are the falling snow.

Princeton's Snow, April 2007


Nazy said...

Looks beautiful Tameshk Jan! I hope you enjoyed your day in the snow. I miss snow just a little (enough to want to look at it from a window), but living in Tehran for the past several years, I have had my fill with the miseries of walking and driving in it, so I don't miss it much! How is your Shoor coming along? In my new home, I will have room to put my glass containers on display. That will give me motivation to be a better kadbanoo! Be good!

مرجان said...

salam tameshk-e aziz. khubi? mikhastam begam ke be yadet hastam va dustet daram. dar zemn, man asheghe barf hastam. makhsusan vaghti bija mibare! be sharti ke badesh aftab beshe!!!!

Nazy said...

Tameshk, Tameshk, kojaee? Missing you!

reyhaneh said...

salam roja joon.khoobi?delam barat ye zare shode
weblog zadam bia bebin golam .be hoseinam salam beresoon.bye

reyhaneh said...

minevisam vali hamishe montazere nazarate garmet hastam ghorboonet ham raftim too faze eshgho asheghi dige.manam az dast raftam (alaki)

Siavash said...

Hi Roja,
I found your blog quite interesting; besides, the point is that it is written by an Art History student at CUNY!
I live in Iran and study “Art Studies” (the only equivalent to Art History here) at the graduate level at University of Art with some national rankings; however, I am extremely eager to pursue my studies in the States.
Applying to Maryland, UIC, UCSD, Temple, Rutgers, Toronto, and Northwestern for PhD program this year, I have got denials from most of them up to now. I should mention that I had talked to them and got some promising responses at first. The problem is that it seems I’m the first to have this intention here and they are quite unfamiliar with the discipline here. So they usually gather that I do lack enough preparation.
I would be extremely thankful if you could help me with that. I mean any advice you may think would be helpful to me.
By the way, can I help you with your project silk road from here?
All the best wishes from Tehran,

Tameshk said...

Dear Siavash

Thanks for your comment!

I am glad to hear from someone back home who is doing "Pajhoheshe Honar" I believe this is what you study.

About your applications: I, myself, need some help on that area. You are right that there are, by far, less people doing Art in US from Iran than for instance doing Engineering and that surly makes getting admission in Art for graduate school harder.

If you have a specific question please send me an email on; If I don't have the answer, I can at least ask someone.

About the Silk Road Project: Please do. I will be glad and thankful to have any suggestions and comments on that.


roshanak said...

salam roja joonam .khubi? bebin mituni romane jadide reza ghasemi ro save koni baraye manam email koni? inja filtere albatte email dadam ke baram befrestan.ama bazam to save kon ke age nafrestadan azat begiram.shenidam kheiliiiiiii ghashange inja neveshte